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The Group WannaOne is finally throwing BOOMERANG today on March 19th.

Group WannaOne releases the second mini album ‘I PROMISE YOU’ on March 19th at 6 pm. A new title song “BOOMERANG”, a music video that has attracted interest, is also will be released.

The second mini-album ‘I PROMISE YOU’, released in four months, melts the aspiration that Wanna One will make 2018 a golden age. They also promised to give fans (Warnerable) more love.

The album includes seven songs including ‘IPU’, ‘BOOMERANG’, ‘WE ARE’, ‘Show’, ‘Your name’ and ‘I Promise you (confession Ver.) The track is recorded.

The new title song ‘BOOMERANG’ is an electro trap genre consisting of intense beat and synths. It becomes a song that have highlights sexy and powerful charm.

Wanna One will release their new song stage through ‘Wanna One Comeback I PROMISE YOU’, a solo comeback show that will be broadcasted at 7 pm on Mnet shortly after the release of the album.

Group WannaOne

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