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“Fans are our miracles” … Boy group NUEST, the first concert after the debut.

The Boy group NUEST has revealed the enthusiasm for fans as their first solo concert.

Boy group NUEST held concert called: ‘NU’EST W CONCERT-DOUBLE YOU IN SEOUL’. At SK Olympic Handball Gymnasium in Seoul from March 16th to 18th. They met about 16,000 fans in three times.

NU’EST, NU’EST W activity songs, solo songs, etc. NU’ESTW was the biggest after the debut with a concert that lasted about three hours.

NU’EST W said, “I am so happy to meet such love (official fan clubs), and I am so grateful for filling up big venues. We are always thankful for giving us so much love and fulfilling our dreams, “said JR.” Our fans are a miraculous gift to us. ”


Boy group NUEST

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