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The Group Stray Kids 스트레이 키즈 debuts in an uncommon atmosphere.

Boy group Stray Kids 스트레이 키즈 will release their debut mini-album ‘I am NOT’ on March 26th. Prior to their debut title track ‘DISTRICT9’, Stray Kids is active in securing fandom. It is expected to they will visit fans with a late-night showcase on Monday.

Stray Kids opens “Stray Kids UNVEIL [Op. 01: I am NOT]” at Jangchung Arena in Seoul on March 25, the day before the release of the album. The stage is being prepared for 3000 seats. However, Stray Kids added a limited number of seats at the request of fans who could not purchase tickets.

Stray Kids, who made their face with Mnet ‘Stray Kids’ last year, released their debut album ‘Mixtape’. It’s not a regular activity song, but the promotion has just begun. It will be a starting point ahead of any other idol group.

Group Stray Kids 스트레이 키즈

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