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6th record … Breakthrough Group BTS set another record with the single ‘Save Me’ MV 2 Billion views.

6th record … Group BTS’s single ‘Save Me’ MV 2 Billion views Breakthrough Group BTS set another record. It is only the sixth music video to break through 2 billion views.

On March 17, the BTS agency said, “The number views of the song ‘Save Me’ music video surpassed 200 million views today at 8:46 am.

The BTS ‘Save Me’ has now reached the sixth billion views, following ‘DOPE’, ‘FIRE’, ‘Blood Sweat & Tears’, ‘DNA’ and ‘Not Today’.

The ‘Save ME’ music video was shot with a one-take technique to reveal the BTS’s performance. BTS members singing with the wind in the background of a low cloud was solved with a lyrical smile.

BTS ‘DNA’ and ‘FIRE’ music videos have achieved 300 million views successively for the first time among Korean singers.

Breakthrough Group BTS

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