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Nice Charming Knights … Group Wanna One song Boomerang MV 2 teaser released

Group Wanna One song Boomerang second music video teaser was released

Wanna One, a group that had a ‘backstage comeback’, released a second music video teaser of the song ‘Boomerang’ and launched a comeback.

Wanna One released their second teaser on March 16, titled ‘Boomerang’, of the second mini-album ‘0+1=1(I PROMISE YOU)’.

‘Boomerang’ is a song of the Electro Trap genre with intense beat and synths. It is a song that expresses their love, Is impressive. In particular, unlike previous Wanna One’s friendly and soft appearance. You can feel the sexy and powerful charm of the members who have not been able to see before.

On March 19, come back with the second mini-album Wanna One’s ‘0+1=1(I PROMISE YOU)’. It is a promise of Wanna One to make 2018 the golden age. They have expressed that they will give greater love and light up the golden age they have received.

In addition, Wanna One will hold a single comeback show‘Wanna One Comeback-I PROMISE YO’, which will be broadcast on Mnet at 7 pm on March 19, when the new album will be released. On this day, Wanna One will announce the first stage of the new song through a comeback show and announce the brilliant start of the ‘Golden Age’ in earnest.

On the other hand, Wanna One’s second mini album ‘0+1=1(I PROMISE YOU)’ will be released at 6 pm on the March 19th. The comeback show ‘Wanna One COMEBACK I PROMISE YOU’ will be released on March 19 It is broadcasted at 7 pm Mnet on the afternoon.

Group Wanna One song Boomerang

Image Source: YouTube (CJENMMUSIC Official) Screenshot

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