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Levi’s has released the full 2018 spring campaign ‘LIVE IN LEVI’S’ with Group EXO Singer Kai on March 15th.

According to Levi’s, the LIVE IN LEVI’S campaign. Is a campaign that shows Levi’s core values ​​that show the best in music and communicate a message that resonates and unifies through music. In spring 2018, Group EXO Singer Kai will be participating in the Heroin Influenza. Telling the authenticity, music, culture and irresistible iconic style that Levi’s wants to convey through his most brilliant “down” moments.

Levi’s has unveiled the story of Kai, who finds and enjoys true through his music. With sensational campaign music and dynamic Kai’s solo performances.

In the campaign pool video, Kai shows freedom in expressing her style of music. Along with various Levi’s iconic denim styles, expressing it through dance performance. Kai, known for his iconic dance skills and outstanding fashion sense. Shares his moments of freedom and unstoppable self-expression with the millennials of his contemporaries in various moments encountered in everyday life.

Meanwhile, Levi’s and Kai’s new LIVE IN LEVI’S campaign video can be found on Levi’s official homepage and SNS.

Group EXO Singer Kai

Image Source: YouTube (SMTOWN) Screenshot

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