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This is an internal competition. Brother can be a rival. Group GOT 7 and Stray Kids are so hot in March.

Group GOT 7 released their new mini album ‘Eyes On You’ on March 12th. The title track ‘Look’ was followed by GOT7. Based on a smooth sound source chart, they will appear in music programs on the March 15th.

GOT7 explained that the title song ‘Look’ emphasized the color of the group as their own song of leader JB (Defsoul). Completed with a house soundtrack based on pop sound, the song is blended with the bright energy and performance of the GOT7.

GOT7’s direct junior will release their debut album ‘I am NOT’ with a two-week drive. Stray Kids, who made a pre-promotion with the reality program last year, is going to start full-scale activities as a regular album.

Stray Kids filled the album with their title track ‘DISTRICT9’. Through time as a trainee, Stray Kids have grown up. Stray Kids, who debuted their debut album on February 26, opens a debut showcase of 3,000 seats on March 25. They made the birth of an unusual Boy group.

Group GOT 7

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