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Group BIGBANG Singer Seungri “I will not forget the look how Taeyang get married… I was impressed and cried.”

BIGBANG Singer Seungri recently visited the Hong Kong film promotional car. And received an interview with Billboard Radio China he get the question about Taeyang’s wedding ceremony.

Seungri said, “I did not believe (Taeyang’s marriage)” after luckily that “all 5 members were together at the Taeyang’s wedding”, and I have been with Taeyang for more than 12 years…

“I will never forget Taeyang’s happy face, I was really envious, I cried, I was touched, I was really happy” and recalled Taeyang’s happiness.

Group BIGBANG’s member Taeyang married actress Min Hyo-rin on February 3 last month after four years of devotion. And he joined the active duty on March 12.

BIGBANG Singer Seungri

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