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Girl Group LOOΠΔ The last member is revealed.

Girl Group LOOΠΔ’s Agency Blockberry Creative said, “We released an image of the silhouette of the twelfth member on March 17th. It is the rear view, black long hair, and white dress. This photo feels reminds of kneeling down and praying. ”

LOOΠΔ has released 11 members: HeeJin (희진), HyunJin (현진), HaSeul (하슬), YeoJin (여진), ViVi (비비), Kim Lip (김립), JinSoul (진솔), Choerry (최리), Yves (이브), Chuu (츄), Go Won (고원). LOOΠΔ 1/3 and LOOΠΔ / ODD EYE CIRCLE launched two units.

The members are Yves (Eve), Chuu, Go Won they will be a new unit of LOOΠΔ. LOOΠΔ is about to make their full debut.


Girl Group LOOΠΔ

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