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Group Wanna One before comeback again another attracted charm, teaser video Boomerang…

Wanna One released a teaser video Boomerang of the second mini-album ‘0 + 1 = 1 (I PROMISE YOU) on the afternoon of the March 12th.

In the video, Wanna One member’s street charm and individuality. Are utilized in the street fashion, and there is a free atmosphere. Unlike previous cool images, Wanna One, which gives a mature feeling, comes out one after another.

Particularly at the end of the video, the addictive melody line that captures ears and eyes with the lyrics “Boomerang” is released shortly, amplifying the expectations for the comeback title song.

‘Boomerang’ is a song of unbelievable love from a confident man. Its expressed the word’ Boomerang ‘in heart that the love threw would come back to you and the promise to look only at you.

In this music video, you will also find a dance that has become more powerful than before. The Wanna One members, are going to leave their impact by combining various production techniques using the keyword ‘Boomerang’.

Meanwhile, Wanna One’s ‘0 + 1 = 1 (I PROMISE YOU)’ will be released on various music sites in Korea at 6 pm on the March 19th.

teaser video Boomerang

Image Source: YouTube (CJENMMUSIC Official) Screenshot

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