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Musician Jang Moon-bok, friendship with BTS member V … “Being friendly in the bathroom.”

In June last year, Musician Jang Moon-bok told in a media interview that he had a good time with V. Jang Moon-bok said, “Daegu is hometown and I entered same high school like BTS V”. I was on the first floor and V in the upper floor. There was a toilet in the middle, and the first meeting place with V was the toilet. ”

“V looked at me and pretended to know he saw ‘Superstar K’. And then I got friendly with V, V is a strange but nice and caring friend.”

Jang Moon-bok said, “I spent one semester at the same school. V passed the audition and went up to Seoul and debuted with Group BTS.”

On the other hand, Jang Moon-bok was on the stage of ‘Inkigayo’ on March 11 with Yoon Hee-Seok and So Ji-hyuk in his first mini-album title song ‘RED’.

Musician Jang Moon-bok

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