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Group BIGBANG Taeyang join active military duty today on March 12 today…

Group BIGBANG Taeyang will join active military duty today on March 12th.

Taeyang will be admitted on March 12th as part of the 6th Division of Cheolwon Newspaper Education in Cheolwon County, Gangwon Province. Taeyang will receive basic military training here and then receives a large deployment. Taeyang seems to be entering quietly without a separate enlistment.

Actress Min Hyo-rin is accompanied with Taeyang on the day of the enlistment.

Taeyang and Min Hyo-rin get married on February 3rd.

Taeyang is the third of BIGBANG members to have the duty of national defense. The T.O.P is serving as a social worker, and G-Dragon joined the active service on February 27th.

Daesung will be admitted to the 27th Infantry Division of Hwacheon, Gangwon Province on March 13, a day after entering Taeyang, according to the new recruits. The remaining members of BIGBANG are Seungri. Seungri is expected to stop his overseas schedule for a while.


Group BIGBANG Taeyang

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