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Singer Kang Daniel and Singer Hwang Min-hyun has appeared in Program ‘King of Mask Singer.’

‘King of Mask Singer’ ‘Terius'(Masck face) was Wanna One’s singer Hwang Min-Hyun.

‘Terius’ took off his mask at the Program MBC <King of Mask Singer>, which was broadcasted on the afternoon of March 11.

The identity of Terius was Wanna One member Hwang Min-Hyun. On this day, the same Wanna One member Kang Daniel sat in the celebrity judging seat.

Kang Daniel said, “I knew it at first,” he says. I can not forget the voice “he said.

Hwang Min-Hyun was asked about his feelings on the solo stage and he said, “I sing as directed to make music that matches the color of the group. I do not have much time to sing my favorite songs, “he said. “I wanted to go too far in ‘King of Mask Singer’. I am happy to be proud of taking off my mask. ”

Hwang Min-Hyun said, “I have been away from my parents since I was in the third grade of junior high school, and from that moment my mother said ‘I could come here’. I wanted to show my parents the appearance of a wonderful son, “he added.

Behind the scenes, Kang Daniel met with Hwang Min-Hyun and Kang Daniel said, “Why did not you tell me,?” Hwang Min-Hyun said, “I practiced secretly,” and Kang Daniel said, “It’s great to have practice it for 24 hours.”

Singer Hwang Min-hyun

Image Source: YouTube (WANNA-ONE INTERNATIONAL Kr) Screenshot

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