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Group Bigbang 빅뱅 ‘Flower Road’ … Singer G-Dragon’s Writing and Composition.

Group Bigbang 빅뱅 song was recorded before army enlistment.

On March 10, YG Entertainment announced that Bigbang’s new song “Flower Road,” will be released on March 13 via an official blog at 11 am. The teaser poster of the new song captures the attention of the colorful flowers that make up the beautiful harmony.

This song adds a sad feeling to the lyrics by leader G-Dragon and his eldest brother, the lyrics themselves. Bigbang’s mind toward fans is getting ready as soon as possible due to enlistment. Bigbang’s producer, G-Dragon, also participated in the composition.

‘Flower Road’ is a song made by members at the time of Bigbang’s latest full-length album ‘MADE’ with the military in mind. ‘Flower Road’ is a new song by Bigbang released in 1 year and 3 months.

Group Bigbang 빅뱅

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