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Group Myteen singer Song Yu Bin and Eun-Su’s first release of song ‘Pretty.’

Myteen singer Song Yu Bin and Eun-Su, a vocalist of group Myteen, released their own song ‘Pretty.’

On the afternoon of March 5, Group Myteen official channel was featured on the song “Pretty” by song Eun-Su and Song Yu Bin, a member of group Myteen.

They own song ‘Pretty’ is a song about the man’s frank confession.

Leader Eun-Su said, “It is a song created by thinking about our most beautiful fans in the world.

Song Yu Bin said, “I am working hard to make a comeback soon. We would like you to wait for a little more while listening the song ‘Pretty’ made by Eun-Su. ”

Eun-Su is in charge of rapping at Myteen and he is a talented member who has participated in six of the seven songs in their debut album ‘MYTEEN GO!’.

Myteen debuted with ‘Amazing’ last July and has been active in overseas as well as in Japan and Hong Kong.

Myteen singer Song Yu Bin and Eun-Su

Image Source: YouTube (OFFICIAL MYTEEN 마이틴) ScreenShot

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