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Group Wanna One single I Promise You, YouTube music video hit 45 million.

The group Wanna One single I Promise You (I.P.U)’ music videos exceeded 450,000 people.

On 6 pm at March 5th, Wanna One has released the song ‘I Promise You’, the special track of the second mini album 0+1=1 ‘I PROMISE YOU’, and They released a song to express their thanks for their Wanna One’s fan club ‘Warnerable’.

The music video ‘I Promise You’ which was uploaded to YouTube at 6 pm, is attracting attention by exceeding 450,000 views at 9:50 pm.

The fans who watched the music video said, “Why are you looking so good?”, “Wonderful One”, and “I Like Wanna One”.

Meanwhile, Wanna One will release their second mini-album ‘0+1=1 (I Promise You)’ on March 19th.

Group Wanna One single I Promise You

Image Source: YouTube (CJENMMUSIC Official) ScreenShot

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