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“A miracle will come to you” … Singer Lee Sungmin sang song ‘Day Dream’

Group Super Junior’s singer Lee Sungmin’s solo song ‘Day Dream’ was released.

Lee Sungmin announced his new song ‘Day Dream’ on SM Station at 6 pm on March 2nd.

‘Day Dream’ is an acoustic ballad genre featuring sweet vocals and warm EP sounds. Minimal instrumental sources add to the rich sounding arrangement.

‘Day Dream”s impressive lyrics expressing hopes in a fairytale atmosphere.

In the music video, a man dreams of dreams, and a boy who dreams to grow up to encourage each other and gain true hope.
The new song ‘Day Dream’ video uploaded to the official SNS of INSTAGRAM, Facebook, and Wei Bo on the 27th of SM ‘STATION’

Lee Sungmin’s ‘Day Dream’ was released on the music site before 6 pm on the March 2nd.

Singer Lee Sungmin

Image Source: YouTube (SMTOWN) ScreenShot

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