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KB Kookmin Bank released ‘KB Star Banking’ video ad on March 5th, with BTS boys as a models, through their digital banking app ‘Liiv’.

KB Kookmin Bank’s advertisement is designed to intuitively express four services. Such as ‘Quick Transfer’, ‘Account View’, ‘Play Asset’ and ‘Foreign Currency Exchange’ which are the core of KB Kookmin Bank’s mobile banking. ‘KB Star Banking’ It is the most important characteristic that it utilized the lyrics of the songs of BTS.

The first BTS commercial ad video is composed of 15 seconds and 70 seconds. And the members of ‘LIVE’ can be seen first in ‘LIVE’ app on the day. And from March 6th on TV, SNS.

Meanwhile, events for customers and fans that have been going on since the release of the teaser image will continue. This event will be available to anyone who has watched one or more videos through Liiv app. And will present a photo Polaroid of BTS member for those who has written a memorandum and a memo with a lottery.

Kookmin Bank

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