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Group EXO 엑소 Singapore … Silver-colored 3 hours.

Group EXO 엑소 was held concerd called EXO PLANET # 4 – The EllyXiOn – in SINGAPORE. At the Indoor Stadium in Singapore on March 3rd. The show was held for about a year after the third solo concert last April EXO performances held in the bay. The performances with the colorful music, outstanding performances, and colorful performances were combined and the audience got explosive response.

In this concert, EXO will be able to perform hit songs such as ‘Tender Love’, ‘Cloud 9’, ‘The Night Before’ (‘The Growl’, ‘CALL ME BABY’, ‘Ko Ko Bop’ , And “Run This”. All of which were recorded for about three hours, including 30 albums, including “Eve”, “What U do?” And “Ka-CHING !,” “Coming Over, .

For Life, which is based on Dai ‘s piano performance, including solo songs such as’ I See You ‘by Kai,’ PLAYBOY ‘by Suho,’ Son ‘by Chan’ s column, ‘Heaven’ by Chen, English version. And Dance battle performance ‘Battle Scene’ by Siu Min and Baek Hyun.

Meanwhile, EXO will hold EXO PLANET # 4 – The EllyXiOn – in BANGKOK (EXO Planet # 4 – Deaconion – in Bangkok). At the Impact Arena in Bangkok, Thailand for three days from March 16th to 18th.

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