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“Thank you and love you” … Singer Im Yoon-ah and Taeyeon, Visiting SHINee Concert.

Girls’ Generation’s singer Im Yoon-ah, Taeyeon and SHINee show off their friendship.

SHINee Key posted a photo on the February 28th on instagram with the text “Thanks love you so much”.

In the photo, SHINee members and Im Yoon-ah with Taeyeon are smile while showing to be thumbs. Im Yoon-ah and Taeyeon looked overboard with SHINee’s concert in Japan’s Tokyo Dome the previous day.

SHINee performed ‘SHINee WORLD THE BEST 2018 ~ FROM NOW ON ~’ at Osaka Kyocera Dome on February 17 ~ 18 and Tokyo Dome on 26 ~ 27. Thety also sent a memorial message to Jonghyun, who died last December.

SHINee will release Japan’s best album ‘SHINee THE BEST FROM NOW ON’ on April 18th.

Singer Im Yoon-ah

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