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Girl group EXID, the second ‘secret album’ classic ‘Will You Take Me’ was re-released on the February 12th.

Girl group EXID is in the process of Re: flower project to re-release hidden masterpieces that have been hidden from the title track of many songs that have been released. On February 12th at 6:00 pm, the second song ‘Will You Take Me’ was released through various music source sites.

The EXID album’s ‘secret album’ single ‘ Will You Take Me ‘was released in 2016 and is an R & B song that expresses the nightlife with lovers. Repeated guitar riffs and sophisticated rhythms add to the atmosphere of EXID members’ voices.

‘Will You Take Me’ gives you the feeling of being lonely and relaxing without any additional arrangements. It is an impressive melody that is easy to sing along with lyrics expressing innocent lovers who feel happy.

girl group EXID

Image Source: YouTube(EXID_OFFICIAL) Screenshot

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