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KPop group TWICE is the first CF model in Japan and they are ready to accept local advertising.

KPop group TWICE will be featured on the 5th commercial transfer student model of the Y!Mobile school series, a new TV ad of Yahoo! Japan’s Softbank service provider, ‘Y! Mobile’.

Y! Mobile School ‘series is the CF which is popular in Japan with actress Mirei Kiritani who is Japanese famous actress, and actor Takumi Saito.

In advertising, TWICE is dressed up in individualistic costumes, coloring the Y!Mobile school into a colorful world. In addition, Y.M.C.A., the point of the series ‘Y! Mobile School’, will show cute dance that melts the TT pose from all over the school to the parody ad music.

In particular, Twice presented the perfect choreography from the beginning to the end.


KPop group TWICE

Image Source: YouTube (WWS CHANNEL) ScreenShot

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