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Singer Min Kyunghoon 민경훈, introduces his girlfriend Heemi? Sweetly two, photoshoot

On the January 20th, Group Super Junior 슈퍼주니어 member singer Kim Hee-chul 김희철 posted a funny video on his Instagram.

In the video, Singer Kim Hee-chul and Singer Min Kyunghoon stare at the camera with close affinity. Kim Hee-chul introduced himself, saying, “Hello. I am Min Kyunghoon’s girlfriend, Heemin.”Min kyunghoon laughed and he said, “If you could be like this, you’d be dateable.”

Meanwhile, Min Kyunghoon and Kim Hee-chul are appearing together on Korean television entertainment program JTBC ‘Knowing Bros‘ (Hangul아는 형님).

Singer Min Kyunghoon

Image Source: Youtube(모음 TV) Screenshot

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