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Singer LEE HI cried on stage while singing the “BREATHE”, is a song of Jonghyun who died on the 18th of last month.

Singer LEE HI, who attended the 32nd Golden Disk held in KINTEX, Ilsan, on January 11th. Sang a song ‘BREATHE’, this song was written and composed by Jonghyun.

LEE HI,while singing song, stopped singing and could not stand the tears.

Girls’ Generation TaeYeon, who listened to the song, also start cry.

Song ‘BREATHE’, which contains content to comfort those who are tired of life, has been said to be a ballad song that was recommended by Jonghyun in a radio program in May 2016.

“I am comforted to listen to ‘BREATHE’ when I’m tired,” he said. “If someone would listen to my song and be comforted, I would really appreciate it.”

Jonghyun, who was found dead at a residence in Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul. He was moved to the hospital at 6:10 pm last month,, but eventually died.

Singer LEE HI

Image Source: Youtube(YG Family Tube) Screenshot

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