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TWICE girls become a fairies from the Сandy land … single Candy Pop.

The group TWICE is aiming for the third consecutive hit in the local scene through animation and collaboration for the first time in the music video of the second single Candy Pop in Japan.

‘Candy Pop’ is a song that is full of sweet and splashy appeal as title. It is not only a new record march with the debut of Japan in 2017. But it is also the only Korean singer to appear in NHK ‘ It is a song that announces the splendid start of 2018 of a TWICE which is a mowing.

The music video of ‘Candy Pop’, which is pre-laid with music sources, emphasizes the appeal of the lively and lively TWICE. Especially, TWICE is an animated character and gathers attention with the animation and the different direction of the real world. In collaboration with animation, local animation director “Kyokoku Takahiko” who made Japanese dance animation “Love Live!” Participates and is hot topic. ‘Love Live!’ Is a virtual idol upbringing program that started in June 2010. It started to be played on music, TV, animation, games, novels, and was loved in Japan, Korea and China. Animation ‘Love Live!’.

TWICE received the Platinum certification for their best debut album ‘# TWICE’ in Japan last June. And ‘One More Time’ in October. Receiving over 250,000 copies from the Oricon chart top as well as the Japan Record Association. As a Korean group that has entered Japan, it has acquired the platinum certification for both singles and albums for the first time in the same year.

single Candy Pop

Image Source: Youtube(TWICE JAPAN OFFICIAL YouTube Channel) Screenshot

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