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Group 2PM Jang Wooyoung’s mini-concept photo released.

On the January 9th, Group 2PM Jang Wooyoung’s agency JYP Entertainment released a mini-concept photo. Jang Wooyoung, has a natural atmosphere.

This filming took place in Jang Wooyoung ‘s real house. It seems to be an option to emphasize the honesty of the new album ‘Break up’.

Jang Wooyoung will release his second mini album after five years and six months in Korea. After the mini-album ’23, Male, Single ‘in July, 2012. The album will be released at 6 pm on the January 15th. On February 10th and 11th, a solo concert will also be held.

Prior to this, JYP announced the music video of ‘Going Going’ on Wooyoung’s Mini 2 ‘When You Break Up’ on January 8th. On YouTube, Naver TV, Cacao TV, VLIVE, Daily Motion We also gathered topics on various platforms.

‘Going Going’ is a Korean version of Wooyoung’s song ‘Party Shots’ released in Japan in April last year. It has made a bit of ‘New Jack Swing’ It is music that adds a sense of school. The brakes appearing all over the track are impressive. Especially Chorus and Taechang, which are known to have participated in Wooyoung’s actual friends.

Wooyoung made his name on the top of the Oricon chart with his solo mini album “Party Shots” in April last year. He has also made his 11th solo tour, followed by his second national tour, and proved his influence as a solo singer. 2012 July Mini Album 1 After ’23, Male, Single ‘, Wooyoung, who has released his second mini album in 5 years and 6 months in Korea, will hold a solo concert on February 10 and 11 and meet with fans. Wooyoung’s new album ‘When You Break Up’ will be released on January 15 at 6:00 pm, including the title song ‘뚝’.

Group 2PM Jang Wooyoung

Image Source: JYP Entertainment

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