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Singer Jang Jae-in is set to become the first Mystique to be in 2018.

On January 8, Mystic Entertainment said, “Singer Jang Jae-in’s new song will be released on January 15th. The new song was produced by Yoon Jong Shin. Yoon Jong Shin produced the album in two years and seven months following Jang Jae-in’s mini album ‘LIQUID’ in 2015. ”

In the photo, Jang Jae-in made an alluring mood with red styling. Gazed at the camera casually with a dazzling eye.


Jang Jae-in announced last year’s single ‘CARMIN’, ‘velvet’, ‘Yoon Jong Shin’, ‘Amateur’, and ‘Dumb Dumb’, a red velvet remake.

Singer Jang Jae-in

Image Source: Mystic Entertainment

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