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Time is hot. Group VIXX attracted attention.

On December 31, 2017, Group VIXX appeared on the MBC ‘Gayo Daejejeon‘ and set up a remix version of song 도원경(桃源境). This song was released in May, but it appeared on various charts right after the stage. Became the first runner in the New Year.

In the end, VIXX was on January 6th MBC ‘Show! Show! Music Core ‘. VIXX, which leads the stage with various unique concepts, draws the public’s attention to the oriental visuals shown through the song ‘도원경(桃源境)’.

VIXX’s song “도원경(桃源境)”, which was released in 2016, is also being reevaluated through the stage. This song emphasized the male beauty of VIXX. According to their agency, They were acclaimed as “a masterpiece version of a unique concept stone” thanks to their brilliant choreography.

From the beginning, the expectation of a good concept VIXX will increase in 2018.

Group VIXX

Image Source: Youtube (MBCentertain) Screenshot

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