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Korean group Oh my girl mysterious comeback in January.

On December 28th, Korean group Oh my girl has uploaded the “story book” teaser of new album ‘Secret Garden’. The images made with illustrations reveal bright light with a vast background. It has a mysterious but fantastic atmosphere to hold an inquiry.

Oh, my girl is coming ‘back with mini 5th album’ Secret Garden’. Reveals teaser images of constellations in the violet night sky. It makes feel that Oh my girl has made a lot of effort on the new album for 9 months.

An agency official said, “Based on the debut song’s original concept and planning power, Oh My Girl showed their unique musical color. Oh my girl’s music and performance will catch the eyes and ears of the public attention, “.

Oh my girl’s Mini 5 album “Secret Garden” will be released at 6:00 pm on January 9, 2018.

Korean Group Oh my girl

Image Source: Youtube (OH MY GIRL) ScreenShot

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