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SHINee’s singer Jonghyun in audio concert “Dear my family”.

SHINee,s singer Jonghyun will be in audio concert release “Dear my family” of SM Town.

On Dec. 28, it was disclosed that ” Dear My Family” will be released as the thirty eighth track for the 2nd season of SM Station.SM Station last release of the year will be concert audio all SM Entertainment artists.

R and B ballad track “Dear my family”was released by SM producer Yoo Young Jin in 2001.

In the SM Station will be song of SM artists such as a Kangta, TRAX, BoA, Girls Generation, Super Junior, F(X), SHINee, Red Velvet and NCT
who is performing the song at the 2016 SM Town concert in Tokyo.

On Dec. 29, will be released SM Town’s “Dear My Family”. Proceeds from the track will be donated to UNICEF.

On video you can watch last Year SMTOWN’s “Dear my Family” 2016 in Japan.


Image Source: TVReport

Image Source: SMTOWN

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