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Korean Singer Crush told his heart with a whisper.

The heart was conveyed to music fans and reflected in the chart.

Crush released the single “Let me be my side” on 19th. The song topped the charts at 9:00 am on the 20th.

Crush’s agency said, “This song has conveyed the sincerity of an artist who wants to give comfort and healing to the precious people, fans and listeners around him. I have received many acclaim, “he explained.

Before the release of the new song, Crush held the fan meeting ‘2017 Mini Fanmeeting Merry Crushmas’ on the last 18th. I had a special time with my fans, setting my first stage.

Crush told fans, “Thank you for being on my side and thank you. My goal for next year is to work hard. I think I have a chance to look back at myself as I prepare for this single. I will greet you with


Image Source: TVReport

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