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On December 19, SM Entertainment announced that, “On December 18, the best artist, Kim Jong-hyun, who loved music more than anyone, suddenly left us. We are so heartbroken to tell the fans, who have generously loved Kim Jong-hyun, that he suddenly left us.”

“We have set up a separate venue for our fans to make a memorial of Kim Jong-hyun, who has long been a memorable memory, according to the wishes of his family.”

“On Tuesday, 19th, at 12:00 pm (noon), fans of Jong-hyun can pray for the repose of his soul at the 3rd room of the basement 1F Asan Medical Center Funeral Home.” They added.

Kim Jong-hyun was found dead in a residence hotel at Cheongdam-dong, Seoul on June 18 at 6:10 pm. There was a trace of lignite on the scene. The paramedics dispatched to the scene transferred him to the hospital doing CPR, but Jong-hyun eventually died. The police are investigating the exact situation in detail assuming that he tried to kill himself.

No suicide letter was found in the place, but it is reported that the last text messages were sent to his sister. The text message included following sentences: ‘It’s been hard for me until now’, ‘Please let me go. Tell me that I’ve done well so far’

Kim Jong-hyun debuted as a group Shinee in 2008 and has received great love from his worldwide fans.


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