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The girl group Twice is walking on the flower path.

TWICE has pioneered various music charts with the title song ‘Heart Shaker’, a repackaged album ‘Merry & Happy’.

‘Heart Shaker’ topped the charts on seven weekly music charts including Melon, Mnet.com, Genie Music, Ole Music, Naver Music, Soribada and Bucks. The “Heart Shaker”, which was unveiled at 6 pm on November 11, is sweeping various music charts, showing off the popularity that does not settle even the first week of release.

In addition, ‘Heart Shaker’ won seven charts including Melon, Mnet.com, Jinny Music, Ole Music, Naver Music, Bugs, and Monkey 3 on the 17th.

The TWICE craze continues in Japan. On the day of release, the repackaged album “Mary & Happy” was released through a local music source site on the 13th, and it was ranked first on the local line music album chart on the day of release, “Heart Shaker” & Happy ‘came in third. On the 17th, according to the daily chart, “Heart Shaker” ranked first, “Merry & Happy” ranked 4th, “Likey” ranked 7th, “.

The “Heart Shaker” music video is also popular. “Heart Shaker” music video, which was released on YouTube with the release of the soundtrack, exceeded the 4095 million view at 3:00 pm on December 18 and was expected to achieve the milestone of exceeding a billion views.

Meanwhile, the title song ‘Heart Shaker’ of TWICE’s new repackage album ‘Merry & Happy’ is a song that captures the heart of TWICE who wants to be able to reach out to the opponent who has shaken their heart and be able to reach out first. TWICE’s song Carol Songin’ Merry & Happy ‘expresses the joy of Christmas when first fell in love with the sound of winter.


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